Ceramic Coating Options

In some instances, pricing may vary by make and model of the vehicle. Please contact a specialist for more information.

GOOD – Ceramic Coating // $500

Ceramic Coating formula durability is related to the number of layers applied. Notes Gyeon Q2 Prime can last up to twelve months! Installation leaves a brilliant shine that will be very protective against water spots. While also providing a hydrophobic surface for tight water beading. Kamikaze Miyabi lasts for 18-24 months with 1 very good coating. This product is amazing for any color vehicle.

BETTER – Ceramic Coating // $750

Formula durability is related to the number of layers applied. Notes Kamikaze Miyabi lasts anywhere from 24-36 months. This product leaves a perfect gloss finish ontop of your paints surface. This product is great for show cars, and exotics. Kamikaze Miyabi is great for soft, and black paint. Gyeon Q2 Mohs lasts for 24 months using the 2T Hard formula. This application leaves your surface looking great with a amazing protective layer. For your exotic or daily driver, this is a great product.

BEST – Ceramic Coating // $1000

The Formula durability is directly related to the number of layers applied. Notes Gyeon Q2 Mohs will last up to 24 months with 3 very hard coatings. This coating leaves a tremendous gloss and a strong chemical resistance. This is the ultimate daily driver solution. Gyeon Q2 DuraBead lasts for 24 months and is very similar to Mohs, but provides tighter water beading characteristics. Kamikaze Enrei Coat lasts anywhere from 24-36 months with 2 hard coatings. These coatings leave your paints surface with stunning looks and hydrophobic properties.

No matter what ceramic coating package you choose. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the luxuries that come with the application of this product! Book a ceramic coating appointment today!